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Caitlyn Sponheimer is a versatile and talented actress born in Calgary, Alberta. Caitlyn is proud to be working in the industry she loves and is grateful to be able to passionately invest her life and soul in the work she creates. Caitlyn Sponheimer is SAG-AFTRA Eligible.


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IMAX's New Worldwide Campaign

Caitlyn recently finished shooting IMAX's newest Worldwide campaign for their cutting-edge techonolgy, the Laser Projectors, which will be first released April 2015. Please check out the video HERE...

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Lead in New Theatre Production

Lead in New Theatre Production   November 11, 2014

Caitlyn is currently performing with Mixed Company Theatre of Toronto as a lead in 'Frenemies'.

RIVERS Screening

RIVERS Screening    February 08, 2014

Rivers, directed by Rob Levy, will have it's first official screening tomorrow night, February 8th, at the 2014 KATRA FILM SERIES in New York City. ...Read More

Deadbeat Summer Feature Film

Deadbeat Summer Feature Film   January 24, 2014

Desiderata Pictures is officially chaning the title Manly Maids to Deadbeat Summer; an original comedic screenplay written by Caitlyn Sponheimer and R...Read More

'Empty Portrait' is in active development with Desiderata Pictures

'Empty Portrait' is in active development with Desiderata Pictures   October 23, 2013

'Empty Portrait' a new screenplay by Caitlyn Sponheimer recently has begun development with Desiderata Pictures! Print/Video Work Print/Video Work   September 16, 2013

Caitlyn Sponheimer stars in's commercial as well is the face of their home page.

Fashion Week 2012 - Leota Dress Design Runway Show

Fashion Week 2012 - Leota Dress Design Runway Show   September 04, 2013

Caitlyn walked in the beautiful Leota New York runway show at the Empire Rooftop Hotel during NY Fashion Week 2012.

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